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Sponsor Profile- PINK OWL PLANNING

As I begin write this post all I can think of is “Hi, my name is Brianna, mother of one and I am a serial procrastinator.” I know I have always been the first person to put something on the back burner saying “oh I’ll deal with this tomorrow” or “I’ll get to this later” whether it was homework, projects, or even putting the dishes in dishwasher, and I can tell you it hasn’t gotten better since having my son. I’m not saying my house is a disaster, and that I never finish everything, but I AM saying when my son is napping I’d much rather take a nap or catch up on my favorite TV show then do laundry, or knit the blanket I have had sitting half finished in the corner for MONTHS!

Meagan Fraser however seems to be the complete opposite! She is a mother, an entrepreneur, a designer, and one might even say a little crazy, but only in the best way possible! Meagan is the owner and operator of not ONE, but TWO businesses based out of Saskatchewan! My Pink Threaded Owl is a clothing shop specializing in mother and baby clothing, and Pink Owl Planning is her graphic design company.  She is so driven and creative!


Meagan started The Pink Threaded Owl back in 2014 when she was pregnant with her first baby. “I've always had the entrepreneurship gene in me, but I had no idea what to do with it. When pregnant with my first baby, I pulled out my little blue sewing machine that I got in high school to make some receiving blankets. I put the machine away for many years after that to focus on my new baby and continue on to get a post-secondary education as an administrative assistant. I took little blue out for another spin when pregnant with my second little one – and I fell in LOVE. It's taken off from there and I've grown tremendously from baby blankets to where I'm at now with children and women's clothing.”


Meagan loves creating new clothing, but if you ask her what her favorite thing to create is she cant name just one “That is a tough question! My favourite thing to make changes often – one day it will be a baby romper because they are so cute and teeny and another day it will be a women's hoodie because I feel so empowered to be able to make myself and other women clothing that are well made and fit great. An easy to put on and take off romper has always been an admired addition to any little one's closet but hoodies will always be a staple piece in most of my customer's wardrobes.”  

As a mother I know that I have spent many hours looking for comfortable, quality clothing, for both me AND my son and Meagan’s products definitely delivers both. You can tell that she puts a lot of time and love into each and every piece.


Now, any normal person would stop there! However Meagan is not your average person, I’m starting to believe she may be super human! As I said she owns and runs another business Pink Owl Planning.

Pink Owl Planning “is Saskatoon's newest in fresh and modern graphic design and has been up and running for only a couple busy months.” She's even done designs Kings Court Events, you may recognize work for the “Spring into Summer” event coming up April 28th & 29th.

I had to ask this super woman what made her decide to start her second business, and it turns out that she was following her dreams. “Embracing my true passion for graphic design and entrepreneurship was a longer road than I thought. Deep down, I always knew I wanted to be a Graphic Designer, but I spent many years doubting myself living within my comfort zone. Working on the logo, branding visions and website for my clothing business gave me the confidence and that final boost that I can do this” Meagan has a passion and love for creating “all things branding. I genuinely love bringing other creative entrepreneur's branding visions and designs to life by creating unique, strategic and cohesive designs” What more could you ask for when searching for someone to create art for your business? 

Meagan will be at the Modern Woman Show this weekend, don’t hesitate to stop by her booth to see her amazing locally sewn and designed items, and if you need any graphic design work done- she's the lady to ask!

Be sure to stop by the  Modern Woman Show  this weekend for a chance to win this prize package generously donated by Meagan!

Be sure to stop by the Modern Woman Show this weekend for a chance to win this prize package generously donated by Meagan!


Happy Shopping!

Meet The Sponsors: LEAD


The Modern Woman Show & Expo is fast approaching and we want to take a minute to talk about Lead Pilates & Cycle and Integrated Health & Wellness. This amazing local business is a show sponsor, will be showing their studio-to-street fashion on Saturday night’s runway, and hosting not one, but two amazing workshops. 

Lead is Saskatoon’s premiere Integrated Health and Wellness facility. Home to over 80 weekly Pilates-based fitness classes that make you sweat, strong, stretch and move, The clinic offers Chiropractic, Naturopathic Medicine, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Clinical Counselling, Reflexology + BodyTalk and Athletic Therapy.  


At 10am on Saturday, April 14 the instructors from Lead are hosting a Pilates-based Bootcamp Fusion class that is sure to get your heart pumping, booty and legs burning, and your abs shaking. This class is perfect for the modern woman looking for a full body burn in just 45 minutes. 

At 10am on Sunday, April 15 Lead’s Founder, Jana Danielson, will be hosting “Love the Life You Lead”, an interactive workshop offering tools to improve your health and address the obstacles that may be holding you back. With a focus of nutrition, hydration, sleep, and movement, join Jana for what’s sure to be an inspiring and informative experience. 

Tickets to both classes are $10 and include the cost of the workshop, general admission to the show, and a swag bag. Who doesn’t love swag?


Lead’s studio-to-street fashion will be featured on the runway for Saturday night’s fashion show. They will be showcasing spring pieces from their amazing in-house lines such as Alo, Body Language, MPG, and Free Label. You will be able to see these trendy and versatile pieces on the runway, and then shop the looks for yourself at Lead’s booth following the show!

Tickets to this event are $47 and VIP tickets holders have access to the lounge at 5:30pm for cocktails, appies, and music by DJ Kush. These tickets also get holders preferred seating, the chance to win amazing prizes, and an awesome swag bag. The fashion show hosted by CTV’s Chantel Saunders begins at 6:30pm. 


Tickets for all three events are available at www.modernwomansaskatoon.com 


See you there!



Sometimes the only way out (of a style rut) is through…

Earlier this year I found myself fully entrenched in unfamiliar territory - a deep style rut. I wasn’t feeling particularly jazzed about anything in my closet, although it was bursting (literally) with options, and I found myself recycling the same dull pieces over and over again with very little enthusiasm or variety. As someone who inundates herself with fashion via profession, hobby and extracurricular activities, the thought of exuding less-than-inspirational personal style was both terrifying and foreign to me and yet, here I was, in a giant pile of Nothing To Wear.

Walking into any closet filled with clothing you love should bring joy and excitement, because you have carefully curated and feel thrilled about each piece, but I suddenly found myself opening the door with dread and shutting it quickly while running away in a cold sweat. It became clear I needed to adapt some hard and fast rules to overcome this style slump I had fallen into and find my way back to me again. For anyone else with a paddle in this same boat, I hope I can provide some starting tips to help a fellow sister stay afloat - and authentic - in a sea of fast-paced fashion.

Start with the visual



Whether you go the old-school route of ripping inspirational photos from fashion magazines or fire up a new Pinterest board, start collecting some kind of visual collage and make specific notes detailing why each look is appealing to you. Maybe it’s the way a shirt is tucked into a pair of jeans or how a skirt is styled, or a particular color combination that you find cool. Slowly but surely you’ll see some common themes start to emerge in the images you are drawn to. 

Take inventory

InStyle Magazine

InStyle Magazine

How often - and easily - do you forget exactly what you have in your fashion arsenal? Do you ever stumble across things with tags still on them, or buy something new only to find 3 similar items already hanging in your closet? This is where taking detailed inventory is going to be your saviour - but first, it’s gonna kill ya. Go through everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, down to the random friendless socks in your laundry room. Make an itemized list - or a spreadsheet if your closet's a real disaster. Toss out anything that looks completely whack or worn-out and then survey what the rest of the swamp looks like. Do you need 12 black tees that are essentially the same? Do you even like the color fuchsia? How many pairs of heels do you own versus how many you actually wear and feel comfortable in? This is when you’re going to employ some ruthlessness and take stock of everything that is no longer serving you, regardless of how on trend it is or how much you purchased it for. If it ain’t you, it ain’t you, babe.

The only way to truly find out what you’re gravitating toward, along with the aforementioned Pinterest vision board of your chicest self, is to keep a style tracker. A journal, if you want to be basic. Record everything you wear over a 2 week period. Put a star beside outfits you felt especially sassy in and specific pieces that provoked compliments from others. Put an “X” beside anything you felt less-than-stellar in after you left the house. See what patterns emerge and jive them with your Pinterest themes. 

The purge


Now that you’ve accumulated a large haul from your closet of things that no longer work for you, allow them to find a new life**. Pull out any mint-condition business attire, including shoes and accessories, and box them up for Dress for Success. Host a clothing swap with your girlfriends for your trendy designer pieces that are in excellent condition, or try your hand at selling them on cool platforms like @ourclosetcleanout on Instagram. For anything remaining, check with the Salvation Army and local women’s shelters to see what kind of clothing donations they are currently accepting. 

**Exception: things with sentimental value, things that you truly love and could never part with, limited edition pieces, expensive things that you’re saving because they are dry clean only and that doesn’t work with #momlife -- ARCHIVE. Hang them in black zippered garment bags with a tag on the outside detailing what each item is and store them with love. Don’t be THAT ruthless, girl!

Make it intentional

Skeptical about this quote's source but the words ring true enough!

Skeptical about this quote's source but the words ring true enough!

Now that you’ve cleared out the clutter and know what you want to be rocking every day (for me, it’s high-waisted mom jeans and either a vintage sweatshirt or a cozy cashmere sweater), own that sh*t like Beyoncé. My friend Katie (also a fellow MWS blogger, you’re likely familiar with her hilarity) once dropped some solid advice during one of our many fashion convos: “Make it intentional”. Whatever your style is - and, I’ll admit, I’m saying this especially loud for those who say “But I just wear yoga pants!” - make it intentional!! Sticking with the yoga pants theme, this totally CAN be a style. Hell, get 7 different pairs and make it your weekly rotation! Just take the time when you’re getting dressed to make whatever you’re wearing a cohesive head-to-toe outfit. Lead Pilates, located on Joseph Okemasis Drive, builds their entire merchandising aesthetic on the idea of gym-to-street athletic wear so, if this is your jam, go see the girls there for some style tips and definitely check out their annual fashion show, which is essentially a crash course in gym-to-street styling done incredibly right. Think yoga pants with cool moto stitching paired with a cute knit sweater, a fur vest, ankle booties and a beautiful leather bag, plus a few cool-girl details that are easy to add like a choker and a chunky watch, and suddenly are you *just* wearing yoga pants? I think not, my friend. As for my mom jeans and sweaters, I always do a front-tuck with my shirt and roll or push my sleeves up, plus I add my standard stack of rose gold jewelry (earrings, necklace, rings, watch & a few bracelets), I play with color in the wash of my denim vs. the color of my top, and then I’ll choose things like jacket and shoes depending on the overall look - a bomber and Adidas classics for a sporty look when I’m running around in mom mode, a leather jacket, sparkly socks and heeled booties for when I’m heading out to the meet the girls. The idea is to build a go-to style around things you already know you love to wear and simply add in the details that make it uniquely you to pull it all together.

5 different looks, all featuring leggings, that look fab. You could swap any of the heels for flats or tall boots or sneakers and STILL look fab.

5 different looks, all featuring leggings, that look fab. You could swap any of the heels for flats or tall boots or sneakers and STILL look fab.

If you do need to shop…

While you shouldn’t have to shop outside of your own wardrobe to get reacquainted with your authentic style, inevitably you will need to replace some things or want to splurge on an item you covet. For this, I offer two rules that I swear by:

  1. Do your research to find out where you can find your favourite brands locally and then source them out and befriend the salespeople or manager like long-lost kin. Shopping local is better than online for a ton of reasons and, in this particular instance, it’s going to allow you to try on anything you may have been eyeing up online to see if it actually works on your frame and if the material and craftsmanship is good quality and worth the spend. Plus, when your local salespeople become your BFFs, they start to know your style so well that they’ll set aside brand-new items just for you or go the extra mile of contacting their brand reps to custom order for you. If you’re a really good customer, they may even keep you in mind when purchasing new stock for the store. (Shout-out to my girl, Mackenzie, who runs Two Fifty Two Boutique and does all this and more for me! Seriously, go see her, she’s THE BEST.)
  2. When you do find something you like, whether it’s a splurge item or not, use the Rule of Three. My lovely friend and ultra-amazing stylist to many, Kate Matthews, taught me this trick that works every time when deciding “Should I??”…can it be styled 3 different ways? If you can think of at least 3 different ways to style something (bonus points for more!), then by all means, treat yourself!! But if you can only think of one occasion to wear that sparkly sequinned mini dress or cobalt blue faux fur jacket, remind yourself that you can appreciate an aesthetic without adopting it as your own personal style.
3 ways to style a camel cardigan / Blogger: Brighton Keller, brightontheday.com

3 ways to style a camel cardigan / Blogger: Brighton Keller, brightontheday.com

So, to my fellow ladies who may be feeling the heavy pulls of a style rut, breathe deeply a sigh of relief because the remedy lies within your own closet and it involves feel-good exercises like donating clothing, taking note of what makes YOU feel most beautiful, freeing yourself of any pressure to keep up with the trends, and knowing every day that you’re putting your most authentic self forward, whether you’re off to the grocery store or the Met Gala. And, when the time comes to treat your fabulous self, go to Two Fifty Two Boutique and say that Mandy sent you.



I am a Modern Woman: Two Fifty Two Boutique

Mackenzie Firby with

Two Fifty Two Boutique


Photo Courtesy of deMo Photography

Tell us about your business?

Two Fifty Two Boutique specializes in women’s designer ready to wear, handbags, accessories, shoes, outerwear and more! We carry designer labels including DVF, Kate Spade, Vince, Eileen Fisher and Cynthia Rowley just to name a few. We pride ourselves on customer service and ensure you leave with not only an outfit that you love but an experience that you will tell your friends about.

How did you get started?

The Boutique opened in August of 2014. I have always had a love of fashion and shopping and wanted to bring the big city shopping feel to Saskatoon. Our city is growing, but I still found that I shopped a lot while away on business or vacation. I wondered why no one in Saskatoon was selling my favourite brands and decided it was a niche I could fill.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by a lot of people. My entire family is successful entrepreneurs and I look up to them. I go to them for mentorship, advice and support to ensure I succeed. I am inspired everyday by customers that enter the boutique. Each one has a unique story- problems they have overcome, personal failure and triumphs which all inspire me to create a positive atmosphere that they are drawn to. I am also inspired by fashion icons including Diane Von Furstenberg- she says that success does not come by chance or with luck but with hard work. I agree with this and try to live it everyday!

What is your idea of a Modern Woman?

My idea of a Modern Woman is someone that is positive and confident in her own self. She is on trend but has her own style. She takes cues from others, but ultimately makes her own path. She takes chances and both fails and succeeds but learns from her failures. She is someone that others want to be around and want to be like.

What tips can you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs?

You never know what will be until you try! It isn’t easy- you will work more than you ever have before. Sweat and tears are inevitable but are needed for success. When you think you have done all the research, planning and preparing you can ever do- do some more! Ask for advice and help when you need it, even if you think you don’t! Surround yourself with positive people- the ones that lift you up and inspire you and the road won’t be so rocky!

Visit Mackenzie and her amazing staff at Two Fifty Two Boutique @ 134 - 1824 McOrmond Dr, University Heights Square and watch for their booth at the 2016 Modern Woman Show & Expo on April 16th and 17th at Prairieland Park.

Don't miss them on stage for the fashion show Saturday April 16th at 7 p.m.

Interview by Mandi Brown