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The snow is melting and spring is almost here...cross your fingers! This time of the year also signals new beginnings. It makes sense that many people plan to buy or sell their properties at the first sign of the big thaw. 

In light of the Modern Woman Show this weekend (and the first sight of Spring), I thought it would be a great time to look at a guideline for young women looking to get into the real estate market. Did you know that women purchasing homes has surpassed our male counterparts in the last decade?  Now it the time to do a little research and put yourself into the driver seat of home ownership. Here is how you are going to do it:

1) Check your piggy bank. You are going to want to take an inventory of monthly living costs and debts. Make sure your monthly budget is accurate with room for incidentals. Connect with an experienced mortgage specialist. They can guide you along the process of seeing what size of mortgage you would qualify for. The nice thing about using an independent broker is that they can check rates with multiple lenders. 

2) Find an agent you can trust. At Realty Executives Saskatoon they want to be there for you through the entire process -from the moment you meet to well after you have moved in. Their experienced executives are armed with knowledge and honesty. This is more than just a transaction - it's most likely the biggest purchase of your life. 

3) Do your research and take your time. Within your price range look at a variety of homes in areas that you are comfortable with. This process can be time consuming but at the end of the day making sure the property meets your needs is worth it. 

Now that you have a plan in place its time to make that dream come true. 

For more information on Realty Executives and their agents visit their website 

Realty Executives is a proud sponsor of the Modern Woman Show & Expo this weekend at Prairieland Park (April 14th & 15th). 

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I am a Modern Woman: Cream Clover Designs

Joanne Rejzek, owner of Cream Clover Designs


Tell us about your business?

Cream Clover Designs are handcrafted pillows and slips, these pillows are high quality and give you the opportunity to re-slip the covers for a new look, save money, and space. Currently available online but soon available at retailers.

How did you get started?

I have been a stay at home mom for about 16 years, they are into their teens now and I have always been quite creative. I had to ask myself what do I LOVE to do? I absolutely love fabrics, color, texture, and especially home accents and decor. I started with the my love for designer pillows.

What inspires you?

Love of texture, color, fabrics, I used to paint and I have always been a creative person. I asked myself what would I love to do for free? I love DESIGN, use of color, and creative outlets. This fits perfectly!

What is in the future for Cream Clover Designs?

Cream Clover will grow as an online store and reach people with the tradeshows such as The Modern Woman Show to continue to grow.

What is your idea of a Modern Woman?

Finding out what you love and JUST do that. Don’t try and make it more complex than it needs to be. Find balance. Cream Clover is my business and I want to keep it in line with my vision. I trust my instincts and trust my design.

What tips can you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs?

Be who you are. Find what you're good at and DO THAT. We all have a gift, so use your gift and you will find success. Don’t focus on the money first.

What is one piece of advice you would give yourself looking back?

I would tell myself to trust my own instincts, if I don’t like plaid then someone else can do plaid. Stick to what feels right to you.

What would we find you doing in your free time?

Going to the gym, being inspired and being a great mom!

Who is someone that you find is a role model for women in business?

My sister Joan is an successful entrepreneur and has given me great advice and keeps me on track, always guides me to trust myself.


You can find Joanne's beautiful pillows and pillow covers on her Facebook Page Cream Clover Designs, and on her website Also make sure to check them out in person at the 2016 Modern Woman Show & Expo on April 16th & 17th - Prairieland Park, Saskatoon.


Interview by Mandi Brown

Photos by deMo Photography