Vendor Profile- VIAHERA CANADA

All photos are courtesy of  Lovestruck Portraits !

All photos are courtesy of Lovestruck Portraits!


Jeanny Buan is an advocate for empowering and educating women, she’s a model, blogger, public speaker and has a huge passion for traveling! She is also the owner of “Viahera”. If this is your first-time hearing about Jeanny and Viahera Canada, buckle your seat belts and prepare to be wowed!



As a woman, I am truly inspired by women entrepreneurs, women who push their own boundaries, women who believe in themselves. Jeanny accomplishes all of this with grace, passion and pride. Her vision is to inspire women of all shapes, colours and nationalities. She wants women to believe in themselves. “To laugh more, explore more and LIVE more.” Can you imagine a world full of women like this? I can…and it would be magical!


Products at Viahera’s are handcrafted with love by Indigenous women from the Philippines, Basey and Cordillera. And, when you dig deeper as I did, you’ll discover that these bags were not just created by women, but women who lost everything from the typhoon Haiyan in 2013- the strongest typhoon that devastated central Philippines.  The scarves are hand woven by women whose skills have been passed down from generations.




As I dug even deeper I learned that Jeanny grew up in a family that believed education was the only way to make it to the top. She proved that to be false. She has passion and drive behind her. She was curious and didn’t want to stay in one place for far to long. Jeanny was passionate then, just as she is now. She wanted to be an inspiration, to make a difference and to see the world and everything it had to offer.


And so Viahera was unleashed for the world to see. Driven by a woman whose passion is to empower other women. She found her passion, her purpose and helps other women to find theirs. That’s what I call beauty.


Viahera will be in the Modern Woman Show on April 14th & 15th and in 'The Runway" Fashion Show Saturday at 6:30pm. Here are a few sneak peaks of what you can expect!