Made Ya Wanna Accessorize is a portfolio of artistic expression through hand made, hand crafted and one of a kind beautiful and unique jewelry made by Suzanne Biggins. Her creative expression is completely versatile! Men, women and children have a selection to choose from. Suzanne can even make that one of kind piece for your special day. Personally, I’ve been looking for bridal jewelry and options like the ones she has to offer would make any bridal outfit come together perfectly.


            She takes her time finding the perfect gems, organic material such as leather, pearls, feathers and more to complete her designs while striving for customer satisfaction, her hope is to help you find that special piece you’ll fall in love with. She says “Your accessories are an extension of you”.


            Made Ya Wanna launched in 2010. Although she has been perusing her passion for more than twenty years! Providing one of a kind accessories to men and women all around the world! Captivated by the world around her and inspired by nature and all its wonders.


When asked what her idea of a “Modern Woman” would be, I found her response warming. “Success to a modern women is pushing through any struggles, building her confidence, building her network of support, to continue in the direction of success and finding that she is equipped and capable.”


Her roles models are women like you and me, breaking the stigmas, believing in ourselves, our businesses and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. Women who strive for greatness and rise against the constant negative shadows around us.


She is a family woman, an entrepreneur, an artist but she is an extraordinary woman who chose to follow her heart, her mind, her soul in the direction that allowed her to flourish within her own creation.


Looking for that perfect piece? Find her and her artistic creations at the Modern Woman Show and 'The Runway' Fashion Show. You’ll also be able to find her jewelry in Saskatoon at Moksha Yoga and in Yorkton at LoSa Chic Boutique!