self care

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Body maintence

massage. This is something I do once if not twice a month. With my previous 8 years of hairstyling and now 8 years into my photography buisness. The editing can get heavy so this is a must for me. This past fall it got so bad I had to outsource and hire a personal editor as well as dive into physio. I was a bit of a mess one would say.

crossfit- recently my husband and I joined the world of crossfit. Some of you may have just shutterd?, well I'm here to tell you that it's amazing! Not only are we gaining strength and our bodies are very thankful for this new venture. We are able to bring our kids along when the schedule requests this, and they are seeing health and body care right before their eyes. Our middle son Harlow can do better push ups then me now. We have also gained another community, new friendships and such a supportive group. I do not feel intimidated what so ever and everyone is so encouraging. Like high fives after every wod. I just love it all. I also like that my jeans fit better. So everyone wins!

yoga. this is also another fav of mine, and don't get downtown to Moksha near enough but when I do I leave feeling amazing. Refreshed and clear.


balance of your day. Stepping away from your technology and emails and being present with your loved ones. Being fully in the moment.

essential oils. I recently have discovered the land of these lovely this bits. It sure can brighten up one's gloomy morning adding some heavenly hues to the air. My recent fav is by Fête Oil Co. - called "Boss". Becky is a local gal and has just launched these amazing oils with some hella gorgeous packaging. Check her out on the insta.

music- cbc radio2 is most always on in our home. The early morn, catch a bit of news. Then back on for Rich terfry at 3:30. They also have an amazing evening program on fri/sat/sunday nights... where I'll catch some brand new unheard before artists.

and sometimes one just needs to go pee alone, door closed, in silence. I'm talking to my mommas out there.





spending time with your partner sans kids. This is a must in our home. We try to get away at least once a year on a 4-7 day trip. We also do supper dates with a sitter once sometimes twice a month.

spending time with friends. Being that we have very little family in town a lot of our friends are our family. you know who you are and you're loved.

bookstores. put me in a bookstore and I'm happy. The funny part about this is that I don't really read much. (I want to but don't make time for it) - but I just find the McNally Robinson so relaxing.

alone time. enough said

getting out in nature. On our recent trip tofino we hiked every single day. it was magical. we have some serious cabin fever over here and are impatiently awaiting springs arrival where you will find all three of our kids outside from morning until dark. We wish we could dome in our backyard over the winter. how nice would that be.


if you're fortunate enough to escape our long Saskatchewan winters - lucky you. Sometimes just stepping away from the daily grind to refresh and give perspective is so amazing for the soul.

WE recently were fortunate enough to get away to Tofino. (thanks to my parents for taking the kiddos). We did a whole lot of nothing. No schedules to follow, no alarm clocks, lots of crib and wine and good eats. Simply just reconnecting with eachother. When you have three kiddos things can get a bit hairy so it's important to take that time to remember where it all began.

So if you take a month away in some tropical paradise or your idea of getting away is a weekend to edmonton. Any kind of "change of scenery" is sure nice. A little down time any way you slice it is sure nice for the soul

so if you're next to some palms, bring me home some sun and sand please.

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