The Fabulously Unfit Girl's Guide To Health & Wellness: hot child in the city

This post is a bit different in that it's about yoga and that is something I'm actually experienced in! I've been a yoga-doer since my early twenties and I've always found it strengthening, lengthening, challenging, relaxing, and all around beneficial. 

Yogis all over will debate whether hot yoga is good or bad in comparison to ... regular temperature yoga?? I dunno. Normal yoga. Do you allow the heat to help loosen your muscles to get deeper into poses or do you create your own heat? I'm not an expert and if you ask me my answer would be - Who cares? Do whatever feels best for you, because you are going to benefit from either or. That's my two cents. 

Me personally? I LOVE hot yoga. My favourite part is going into the studio a bit early and laying in the 37 degree, dimly lit room like a blob and teetering on the edge of sleep. I don't like to brag, but I've got Savasana mastered. 

Fabulously unfit as I am, I am actually very flexible and decently strong - so I have that going for me. Balance on the other hand, that's a whole other story. Yikes. Dancer's Pose? More like Topple Over On My Face Pose. But we do what we can, right? Even if you have zero flexibility, strength or balance, you CAN do yoga. 

I had been consistently inconsistent at going to Moksha for quite some time, but for this post I did a couple classes to refresh my memory and get back in the groove. As I happened upon some people leaving as I was coming my first day back, I remembered how everyone seems to silently smile in passing here. Not creepily, just with a friendly community-like vibe. It's pretty awesome. The wow factor was when I walked in, the instructor at the desk remembered me and called me by name. Wow! It had been quite some time since I had gone. Things like that really make you feel welcome. 

The Moksha studio.

The Moksha studio.

Now, what classes you like will be 100% personal preference. I love Yin classes, which involve long deep holds, where someone who has trouble quieting their mind to focus on sinking deeper and deeper into deliciously (somewhat) uncomfortable poses might absolutely dread it. I love cardio about as much as my dog loves the vaccuum, so something more dynamic like a Flow class isn't my favourite. The thing is, do what you love - but keep in mind, challenging yourself to attend the class you struggle with is perhaps the one you might benefit from most. There's no such thing as a free lunch after all. 

At the heart of the Moksha studio is the standard "Moksha Series". A 90 minute practice that involves 40 poses, always in the same order. There are also condensed classes that are 75 or 60 min if you don't have as much time, or just want a shorter class. These are great classes for all levels because your practice is personal. Work at your own pace and strive to do more the next time. Pay attention to your mind and body and it will come. 

Hot yoga may not be for everyone. It's not just a clever name, it's hot. You sweat... a lot. You need to drink water before, during, and after your class because you will shrivel up and die. Haha ok you won't, but it's seriously really important... and for the love of god don't look in the mirror after because you WILL be a hot mess. I promise. 

For me, hot yoga is the bomb. It's like I feel the lard melting away and the heat helps me to get in the zone. I also sleep really well if I do an evening class. I especially love the Moksha studio in Saskatoon. It's clean, environmentally conscious, and always has positive vibes. Plus, they have a dish of community hair ties if you are a loser like me and always forget yours. #sorrynotsorry #thanksforthehairtie

If you're looking to try some classes, head on over and chat with owners Ashleigh and Leia. They are helpful, friendly, and will get you pointed in the right direction. No, they didn't pay me to say any of this either. Ha, I wish they did. I could buy more classes! 

They take pride in Moksha in Saskatoon as a place of grounding; a place where you can work through the aspects of your life on your mat and feel a sense of community with those around you. A community that reaches beyond just Saskatoon but to the 74 Moksha/Modo studios around the world. They strive to create change in our crazy world by supporting charities through karma classes (They raised over $14,000 for different charities in just 2016 alone!), and creating an eco-friendly and sustainable environment for everyone who walks through their doors. They want people to know that yoga IS for everyone and their instructors are there to modify anything to keep your practice safe and enjoyable. 

Leia & Ashleigh, owners of Moksha Saskatoon.

Leia & Ashleigh, owners of Moksha Saskatoon.

Moksha is located downtown on 1st ave close to the new po-po headquarters. It's free parking too, so that's a plus. We are also so happy to have them as part of the Modern Woman Show & Exhibition this year! 

Until next time, try finding your fabulously unfit inner warrior and yoga on!

Katie  XOXO