She Means Business: A look at some local women hustlers

Red Dress Transformations - Vanessa Schellenberg

What is Red Dress Transformations?

I am a transformational Life Strategist, I coach women to become empowered in every area of their lives leading these women to become their most authentic, confident and fearless self. I do this by one on one coaching, a local women's empowerment group, workshops, collaborations, mentoring and soon to be retreats,  online courses, and local group programs. 

Where would we find you on a Wednesday night? A Friday night?

First and foremost I am a family gal. I LOVE spending time with my husband and our kids. We have four beautiful, inspiring children and they are my greatest blessing in life. I am helping my 11 year old daughter start her own business using essential oils to make bath and body products. I love getting together with fellow empowered women and I can be found on a Wednesday night at a book club that I started with a few friends or at a local event where women gather on a weekly basis.

I am also a shareholder of Balance Within Wellness and I am often found there weekly, spending a few hours in the space helping run the business with 10 fellow inspiring women and running the Empower Hour. A Friday night is typically spent at home with my husband and our kids unwinding after a busy week, we might even plan a date night and go out to dinner and a movie. I can also be found networking and meeting new female entrepreneurs and thinking up creative ways that we can collaborate or how they may be able to grow their business. I am a personal development addict so I can also be found either reading or listening to audio books on this topic. Creating vision boards of my hopes and dreams to manifest is also a fave time spender. 

Learn more about Red Dress Transformations HERE. 

R3 Salon & Spa - Brienne Kobussen


Tell us about R3 Salon & Spa and how you got involved?

R3 specializes in the art of body sugaring, an all-natural, virtually pain free method of hair removal. R3 opened in 2013, and I started sugaring here shortly after it opened. In September 2016, my mother and I bought the business, and we are working on making sugaring the preferred choice for hair removal for women and men. 

The method of sugaring is more gentle on the skin, the sugar paste itself is made of sugar, water and lemon juice, that's it! It's even edible!! Because it is water based, it does not stick to live skin, reducing irritation and redness. During sugar hair removal, the hair is extracted in the direction of hair growth, virtually eliminating breakage and ingrown hairs. It is safe to sugar diabetics and we even have clients as young as 12 years old. It is hygienic and sanitary, bacteria cannot breed because of the high concentration of sugar, and the application prevents cross contamination because we never "double dip". 

I am passionate about sugaring and the benefits it provides - because it's not about the color of your skin, it's about the condition of it. I have been sugaring for 4 years, and recently became a Certified Sugaring Educator, and teach sugaring classes to industry professionals as well as demonstrations at trade shows and events. 

Who inspires you?

If I had to pick one person, it would be my Mom, and other women like her who are strong enough to follow their passions, willing to put in a tireless effort into making their dreams reality. I am discovering who I am, and surrounding myself with positive influences (like Mom) and others who inspire me to work hard, drive me to succeed and remind me every day that I am capable of achieving my goals. I am inspired also by Saskatoon's local business community. This city has an abundance of entrepreneurial spirits who are so supportive of each other. To be a part of this is a big deal to me. 

To learn more about R3 visit their website HERE

Conquer Personal Training - Robynn Chestolowski

Let's hear about your business

I am the owner and operator of Conquer Personal Training in Saskatoon. I have been working as a self-employed trainer for the last 5 years although I have been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years. My business is largely focused on women. A major portion of my clientele consists of women aged 25 years and up. This means that I am working to support and help challenge other working women, many who have to balance work and home life priorities with their health and fitness goals. I work with my clients to identify their personal goals. These goals range from setting a specific weight loss target, an athletic challenge or simply to incorporate regular physical activity into their schedules. Many clients see physical transformations, but the emotional and mental transformations are priceless. I have witnessed women taking back ownership of their health and gaining confidence that translates to all facets of their lives. As a self-employed mother I take great pride in seeing women with various backgrounds and at different life stages CONQUER their goals! Together we are able to achieve things we had maybe given up hope on.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

I choose intuition as my super power! Through super strength intuition I will determine your strengths and obstacles and help you realize your own personal strength and grit. I will use my super intuition with your goals to produce a collaborative explosion of results and success!

Learn more about Conquer Personal Training HERE

ByondTheLookingGlass Gems - Leanne Gruending


Who is ByondTheLooking Glass and how did it come to be?

ByondTheLookingGlass Gems started as a passion project in May of 2016. I've always loved upcycling and creating my own jewels, but never really took it seriously until my beautiful sister became sick with stage 4 cancer. We both deeply believe in the importance of holistic health, crystal healings, and Reiki treatments became a big part of how she was working to bring her spirit back into alignment.

I also needed to turn to mindfulness and setting my intent because as a busy principal in my regular life, I needed to force myself to slow down and focus on the positive. Crafting these pieces has not only become a work of intent and beauty, but also an exercise in mindfulness to settle my BossBrain and surround myself in the good vibes that can sometimes be lacking in the daily hustle. I want to cultivate kindness in my work life, and in my creative life. I want that kindness to spread like confetti. I believe in my jewels, and their energy, can do that. My work is inspired by love, life and literature. Every gem and every design has a name, every name a story. My goal, is to make love and light trendy. Eventually, I intend to partner with local charities and organizations that support literacy and mindfulness/wellness programs for kids. I see the need every day in my regular job, it's also what my brand stands for. 

What makes you tick?

l am a principal, a creative, a wanderer, a dog lover and a bibliophile. l have been a principal since I was 25, one of the youngest in the province I believe. I am currently 30 and after 9 years in the field I am still in love with my Job. I am driven, goal oriented and passionate. Almost no new challenge scares me and I almost never know when to admit defeat. I was nominated for the top 40 under 40 last year for my various contributions to community. I am a creative addict. I want almost everything in my life to be an expression of who I am, from the art work in my house to the jewels I choose to wear. Travel is one of the most important things in mu life. My current country count includes 23 countries ranging from volunteering in Africa giving professional development to teachers to my most recent trip to Israel. Travel inspires me and has helped me to not only appreciate where I am in life, but also the lives of those that make up this big gigantic world we live in. When I am unable to travel. I travel with words. I have lived a thousand lives thanks to books. Part of the mission of my jewelry line is to connect amazing people, beautiful stones, and evocative literary quotes. So much of one's self can be found in another's art. 

See Leanne's jewels at the Modern Woman Show on April 22nd in the Marketplace area or visit her page HERE