What's Your Word of the Year?


With 2018 at an arm's reach away (anyone else ready to say peace OUT, 2017?!), the idea of making a New Year's Resolution may be looming ahead for you. New Year's Resolutions have never been my thing so I straight-up don't make them. I set goals and make the changes I need to make throughout the year, not just because January 1st hit the calendar. BUT I appreciate the idea of starting something fresh and I know the importance of setting a goal so, when I was introduced to choosing a "Word of the Year" a few years ago, it was an idea and a practice I could get on board with right away.

Instead of choosing one thing you need to do, or be, or get done - you choose a single word to apply to all aspects of your life. A word that flows into every aspect of your life and betters it, strengthens it, makes is more... whatever you want. By choosing a WORD, not a resolution, you are not forcing yourself to do a task or cross items off a to-do list. You will find your word shows up in everything, stays top of mind and guides your choices. You will find multiple areas of your life start to shift, not just one piece - how great is that?!

So how do you choose your Word of the Year?! Take some time to sit with yourself and get clear. Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself a few questions.... How do you want to feel? What are you missing? What are you craving more of? What do you want to inject into your relationships (with yourself and with others), your work, your home? What lights you up? Write down the words that jump at you and narrow it from there to the one that feels right for YOU.


In 2014 I had two words (because it was my first year, I was rebuilding my life and, sometimes, you need two words) - LOVE and OPEN. Both were terrifying to me -- that's how I knew they were the words I needed and that I had to have them both together. I had to constantly work to allow them in and to apply them to myself and the different aspects of my life. I struggled, I pushed myself and the result was opening up a beautiful vulnerability that I had previously worked very hard to bury. 


In 2015 I chose LOVE again because I still had a lot of work to do. I had allowed OPEN to take the lead the previous year, as it naturally needed to. Self-love was my biggest challenge and that was where my hardest work was. Because choosing a word for yourself allows that word to apply and enter every aspect of your life, I found LOVE came to me through every crack and crevice, in so many different ways. It came through people I worked with, through connection and collaboration, through tough conversations and BIG realizations, through self-reflection, time spent alone and nights out with friends. Self-love continues to be where my work lies, in different ways, but I paved a solid road and built a strong support for myself in 2015 by choosing LOVE. 


In 2016 my word was CONFIDENT. I was open, vulnerable and full of love, and I wanted to show up confidently in each aspect of my life: for myself and my self-worth, for my job and the team I was leading, for the relationships in my life. I made bold requests, I chose challenging roles and I took risks that I never would have the previous year. In 2016 I found out I was pregnant, became a mother and learned more about myself than I possibly thought. I entered motherhood with confidence and so much love and the realization that the work I have done the past few years by choosing open, love and confidence led me to this very place. 

2017 was a year of SO many emotions. It was a year of love and joy, experiencing all of Asher's firsts. It was a year of tough challenges as I fought my way through post-partum anxiety and depression, and as my partner and I maneuvered through our first year as parents and learned new things about ourselves and each other. We celebrated milestones and experienced great loss. My partner lost his father, my son lost his grandfather, and I learned even more than I have in the past just how much humans are capable of. I didn't consciously choose a word of the year for 2017 but I can tell you, without a doubt, it chose me and it was STRENGTH. 


As 2018 approaches, I have been contemplating what word to choose for my next year. Several came to me right away.  GROWTH - in my business, as a mother, with my partner, as a woman. RESILIANCE - it is a strong word, a powerful word and yet, to me, it feels a bit heavy on its own. JOY. FOCUS. SUCCESS. CONNECTION. COLLABERATION. CREATE. ALIGN. All on my list. Yet none quite made me light up the way I needed to.... and then I realized, I can encompass all of these words. I can focus on joy, have growth and success while I create, and continue my resilience by tying it all up in a lovely bow with connection and collaboration. For 2018 I choose ABUNDANCE.... and I can't wait to infuse it into my life. 




P.S. The Modern Woman Show crew wishes all of YOU a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2018!