Auld Lang Syne... And All That Jazz

Oh, the holidays. They’re here again. The time of vast consumerism (ahem, #shoplocal), copious amount of holiday “cheer”, Mariah Carey, and spending time with the jolliest bunch of as*holes this side of the nuthouse.

Old times past, days gone by... however you want to take the meaning of Auld Lang Syne (you know, that song you slur along to at midnight on New Year’s Eve?), this time of year is typically a time of reflection and moving forward from days past.

I’ve found that during this time people often spend this time reflecting on the negativity of the past year and looking ahead to the next, vowing to make it the best ever. I’ve always thought that was so weird and wondered what the hell could have made their lives so terrible that it merited such an array of Instagram and Facebook posts shunning the past year?

I saw a meme the other day that asked “Who will you be kissing on new year’s?”, to which the reply was, I’m kissing 2017 goodbye”. Huh. I thought to myself, Yep, I finally get it. (Although I’ll actually be on a girl's trip kissing my friends in a bar, but whatevs, it's pretty much the same thing.) 

Hey buddy, pucker up. #byefelicia

Hey buddy, pucker up. #byefelicia

We’ve had a terrible year. I say we because, not just me, but many of my family and friends have endured so much hardship and loss this year that it’s almost laughable. In fact, it is laughable. Everything is, you just have to spin it the right way. I always say “No matter how bad something is, if you can’t find a way to laugh then there’s no hope”.

Lucky for everyone I know, I’m ridiculous and they can always laugh at me.

The thing is, we can look forward to kissing 2017 goodbye but, rather than dwelling on the negative, I am encouraging all our readers to look at every negative thing that happened this year and find the good that came out of it. That’s really f*cking hard. I know it.

Maybe you lost someone you loved.
Maybe you suffered a huge financial setback.
Maybe someone you love is battling illness.
Maybe you are battling illness.
Maybe a relationship ended.

No matter what the circumstance, think of it this way: that thing, that sh*tty thing (or things) that you went though? It has made you stronger, smarter, and wiser whether you realize it now or not. That is powerful and important. You’ve grown. Take those lemons and make some Beyoncé-worthy lemonade.

Every time I feel as though I’ve grown (emotionally that is, not as in the size of my ass), I realize I’m more capable and suck a little less at life. Evolving as an adult allows me to cope more positively with stressful situations, decide what deserves my time and energy, and it makes me a better person. 

I'm a pretty anxious person when it comes to stupid stuff. It's really odd actually, because I'm a really chill when it comes down to the big things. I would excel as a crisis manager and, if my cardio was stronger, I would be probably be the lone survivor in the zombie apocalypse.  However, any of my close friends or family would say that I overthink all the dinky stuff... and it's so true. I will think a ridiculous situation through to the point where it's evolved into something larger than life. (You should see me pick out bedding...). During one of my recent ponders over drinks one night my sister said to me, "I always ask myself, what's the worst that can happen?" Cliché right? Except it stuck with me. It stuck with me because I realized I've grown too much in my life to sweat the small stuff. So that's my advice that I'm passing down second hand, because it's allowing me to go into 2018 firmly believing that there's nothing to come of worrying about stupid stuff except the worry itself... and possibly some embarrassment. But, please refer back to mastering the ability to laugh at any situation. So, be wild and choose the bedding that's on sale, do the boudoir shoot, send that drunk text, go out with new friends, take a last minute holiday, wear an outfit that's totally out of your comfort zone, be loud and proud about your love for Taylor Swift. #yolo

Be confident that you can broaden your horizons because you never know where life will take you. At the end of the day, its all small stuff. 

With the holidays upon us, take the time to really connect with people. Ask questions about them and learn from their experiences as well as yours. Be kind to others; it costs absolutely nothing. Reflect on what you are grateful for and invest in those things going forward. Be accepting of other people and show respect despite your differences. Cut out the crazy and don’t let the jerks bring you down.

And if you need a laugh, just find me. I’m a f*cking delight.

Happy holidays, my fellow modern women... I sincerely wish everyone all the best in business, beauty, and being 100% badass throughout 2018!

Katie xoxo