The Fabulously Unfit Girl's Guide To Health & Wellness: the beginning

Lets be real for a minute... I am in the worst shape of my adult life. Where I used to have all the right junk in all the right places, now I just have junk pretty much everywhere. I feel like an old, frazzled, out of shape version of the girl I was in my 20's. That said, I am hardworking, smart, successful, kind, funny, and stylish regardless of any emoji-esque face I make when someone posts a horrendous Facebook photo me... That said, I can laugh at myself. Big time. Like so many women I talk to every day - I am frustrated because I suck the big one when it comes to staying in shape. I like perogies and I don't like running. So sue me.

The average woman in today's world isn't a religious gym goer, and even if she is, she probably has to coax herself into going by hanging a pair of skinny jeans in plain view or bribe herself with a cupcake when its over. The average girl doesn't meal prep lean protein and veggies, count macros, or even count the number of cocktails she has on the weekend. (Especially the latter... wine anyone??)

The average girl is me. Its likely most of you too. We are expected to have an education, careers, kids, clean houses, balanced chequebooks, nice bodies, great clothes, beautiful skin & hair, and do it all with a perfectly white-stripped smile. Guess what?? Its impossible to be all of that and sometimes, the only thing we care about is whether or not its Taco Tuesday or if we have clean yoga pants. Quite frankly in my world, any day can be Taco Tuesday and yesterday's yoga pants will be just fine. Jeans have become punishment for our years of disregard for our former bootylicious figures, and act as leg prisons and gut cutters. Button down shirts are now strained peepholes for the remnants of what used to be our youthful boobies. 

If eating Spitz on the couch was a sport, I would be a f*cking Olympian. 

And let's not get it twisted for one second. I'm not just talking about those of us that are trying to love a chubbier version of ourselves, I'm talking about thin women too. Just because your friend wears a size 4 doesn't mean she's in shape or feels great about her body and mind. When I started talking to women about doing this series of blog posts, I had just as many smaller women give me a laughing nod of approval because they would also rather die than workout, and that supper is often an entire box of KD, half of a McCain Deep & Delicious, or an entire bottle of chardonnay. They suck at staying in shape too.

Being "unfit" doesn't discriminate against shape, size, or age. We are all one when it comes to wheezing up the stairs. 

However, there has to been a balance. We know we need to eat healthy and exercise. Both our physical and mental health depend on it. We know we need to make time for it in our busy lives. "Schedule it into your routine" they said, "it will be easy then" they said. UGH. Anyone who tells me that, probably doesn't need to read this post, so move along ... 

For everyone else like you (those of you still reading because you also like tacos and yoga pants) and me, I decided to do a series of blogs in our best interest. There is such a variety of things to do in today's world to help keep our lives balanced, so the goal of this series is to A) get off my ass and do some good things for my mind and body and B) bring you guys along for the ride. 

That's right... I'm taking one for the team.

They say variety is the spice of life. So on behalf of every fabulously unfit girl out there,  I've compiled a list of some of the hottest trends in health & wellness, recruited some friends, connected with some local businesses, and am hitting the gyms, bikes, mats, restaurants, juice bars, float tanks, and even my own living room.

Stay tuned over this blogging season for all of my adventures!