I am a Modern Woman: Mint Mortgage Group

Sarah Schiess

Mint Mortgage Group


Tell us about your business?

 We are a boutique mortgage brokerage based in Saskatoon, but serving the entire country :) We use the best technology to simplify and connect on a genuine human level for a more enriching experience. Before we do anything we first learn how will it benefit the mint crew, as well as, enhance the lives of others. Then we do it better.

How did you get started?

I was a single mother trying to buy a house on my own and found the entire experience degrading and exhausting. I was declined because I "didn't look good on paper" so I got a job at the bank thinking it would make me look better. It didn't :) I still had to get my first mortgage through a broker instead of through my own employer. I learned the ropes and felt that I still wasn't able to give people the experience I felt they deserved while I was working for someone else. So I went in to business as a mortgage broker and have grown from there to the point where we opened our own brokerage.

What inspires you?

Possibility and the people who reach to make what might seem impossible a reality.

What is your idea of a Modern Woman?

A woman who sees her potential and owns herself. She doesn't have to prove anything to anyone but herself and she walks her path understanding that she doesn't have to let anyone else define her.

What tips can you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs?

Be prepared to work hard and to fail a lot. You'll doubt yourself, but that's good because it forces you to see flaws and then you can work to correct them. Have faith in your vision and don't compromise on that even if it seems like it's the route that will please everyone else. Don't ever stop learning. Also, I'm borrowing from Ben Horowitz here in his book, "The Hard Thing About Hard Things" but this little tidbit has become a bit of a north star for me- "If you have to eat shit, don't nibble"

What is one piece of advice you would give yourself looking back?

Ask why more. "Why do this, or why do that?" Or even, "why do my customers need this? Why would they like this?" Understanding the purpose of something helps determine whether or not it's worth spending time on. I wasted a lot of time doing things because I didn't use my brain and I just followed the crowd doing the same things only with a new coat of paint. Understanding what I'm trying to accomplish ahead of time helps me keep my eye on the prize and figure out how to get to the goal.

What would we find you doing in your free time?

No time is free. We're all living on borrowed time so I try to make mine count. Family, health, work and friends are most important to me so anything I do would be related to one of those 4 things.

Who is someone that you find is a role model for women in business?

Elizabeth Holmes kicks so much ass.


Do you think having a mentor is valuable both while you're starting out and even after you are more experienced?

Having a mentor at every stage is absolutely essential. It's critical to honour and learn from those who came before you.

What is in the future for Mint Mortgage?

Change, growth and hustle. All mixed in with some fun;)


Mint Mortgage can be found at 205-310 Wall Street, Saskatoon

Visit their awesome website at http://mintmortgage.me/

You can also have a chat with Sarah and her team at the Modern Woman Show on April 16th & 17th at Prairieland Park

Interview by Mandi Brown

Photos courtesy of deMo Photography